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R.Y.A.N say it as it is with a raw rock’n’roll edge and gritty working class politics. The Blackburn based quartet call it “Street Indie”.

Cousins Chris Dewhurst and Matt Frayne decided to form a band in memory of Matt’s brother Ryan who died in 2007. Chris, a working DJ and MC, is steeped in dance music of all sub-genres while Matt is a blues aficionado. They have recently recruited two new band members, Matt Green (Drummer) and Chris Rowley (Bass Guitarist).

R.Y.A.N. have a large fan base up north, more than 7000 at the last counting. They have appeared on many local festivals including Darwen Music Live, Prestfest, Salford Festival and Tockholesbury. They have supported The Farm and The Wagon Wheels. BBC Radio Lancashire’s Sean McGinty has had them on his Thursday Night BBC Music Introducing shows. One of their tracks ‘Out On The Town’ has been commissioned to be used in a new, British Gangster film ‘Three Stops Down From Plaistow’ by Pick & Mix Films.

Cross the attitude of Joy Division with the street sense of the Happy Mondays, the swagger of the Stone Roses, the belligerence of Oasis and the syllable count of The Streets and you get R.Y.A.N.

Of the street… On the street… In the street.

Chris Dewhurst

Status : Vocalist / Songwriter / Producer

Chris Dewhurst

Biography - Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four

Chris started out his career first as a DJ at the age of 13, and went by the name of DJ Dewy, for the next 4 years he DJ’d at various pubs and clubs in and around his area, playing Happy Hardcore.

Through the years up to the age of 15, he would just keep pickin’ the Mic up and having ago, just for the fun of it. Then one night he attended an under 18’s club night at a local club called the Roxy in Darwen, Lancashire, where one of his mates ‘dared’ him to get up and do a set with the DJ who was playing Happy Hardcore at the time. So, after a lot of persuasion, the DJ decided to let him have ago and he was impressed. From this, the Promoters asked him to come to all their under 18’s events that they did in the area with events taking place at both the Roxy and Utopia in Blackburn. He was lucky enough to grace the Mic on sets for DJ’s such as DJ SY, Dougal and Breeze.

His next step was the legendary ‘Merchants’ back in 2001, which was in Blackburn Town Centre. They had an event on every Thursday night with DJ’s and MC’s from a very well known club called ‘Monroes’ in Great Harwood. It was here that he met MC Turbo and was asked to come to Monroes and MC, this turned out to be his second home every Saturday night until the day it closed its doors …..

But it wasn’t until 2004 Master C got his big break, when he got a surprise booking for a new Bounce night in Manchester called ‘ICE’ run by OTB promotions and Ascension promotions. Through this he happened to get two residency’s at the same time because the promoter of Ascension ‘Cameron Dante’ (Bizarre Inc) also ran a very successful Old Skool night called ‘Vision Classix’ and staged some of the best Old Skool events in and around Manchester at that time, Cameron asked Master C to be a resident for Vision Classix and ‘ICE’ and was lucky enough to MC for the likes of ‘808 State’, ‘A Guy Called Gerald’, ‘Slipmatt ‘, Altern8 and ‘Ellis Dee’ to name a few.

Vision and Ice came to an end after 2 years of madness in Manchester, but from this Master C secured residencies at Zone, Dance Attack , Bounce-Heaven , Boomtown (old skool) and Frequency, who flew him out to Magaluf for the summer seasons for events overseas.

He has also been the MC for Bad Behaviour on their Live P.A’s and had a mix CD that came out regularly in the shops, called ‘GMC’ (Dj Greenie & Master C), throughout the whole of the North West, North East and as far as Scotland, selling very well over a period of 3 years …..

2008 saw Master C win 1st place in the Hardcore-Heaven Weekender Competition in Southport, which won him a set the following year at the main event. This was a great achievement and opened the doors for recognition in the Hardcore scene with bookings coming his way from ‘Vibealite’, Elysium, ‘Missing in Manchester’ and Hardcore Sensation.

Also in 2008, Master C came 5th place in the official Bounce awards run by Bounce-Heaven and in 2009 he came 3rd place in the official Bounce awards and also had a track released onto the Bounce-Heaven Compilation CD called ‘Get Ready For This’ by Bad Behaviour featuring Master C .

2010 saw Master C keep up the good, and hardwork that he always strives to deliver by him securing his own radio show on kraftyradio every Tuesday with Dj Tj called ‘The Tune In Tunesday Show for the hardcore masses and again coming 3rd place in the official UK Bounce awards and bringing out the recently released GMC 8 with brand new and fresh material from both sides …..

Even though the UK Bounce scene had started to take some sort of decline at the back end of 2010, he was still committed to keeping up his work and pushing the boundaries on what he could do in 2011 with a good start to the year by coming 2nd place in the first heat of the Hyper factor competition, to see his self go through to the semi finals in October of 2011 and then eventually went on to win the competition in early 2012.

Having studied and gained qualifications in Music Production & Composition at Manchester Midi School and always been a keen song writer, Chris decided he wanted to get his songs out there, so back in October 2010 he decided to form a band with his cousin Matt. They named the band R.Y.A.N in memory of Matt’s Brother Ryan Frayne. Chris is also currently a student at Sir Paul McCartney’s prestigious ‘Liverpool Institution for Performing Arts’ also known as LIPA.

matt frayne

Status : Lead Guitar / Songwriter / Vocals

Matt Frayne

Biography - Part OnePart Two

Ever since he can remember Matt Frayne has been an unexplainable lover of music especially guitar influenced tunes and then later on to be a keen dance music enthusiast attending many events around the country running up to 2002. The Manchester music scene influenced his love for music in the 1990’s with bands such as The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and Oasis.

It was in the summer of 2002 when Matt, for his own entertainment, started writing songs on acoustic guitar and playing them at parties to a great response. It wasn’t long after when he decided that he wanted to form a band. The band was to be named Pablo and The Smokes and was to be a rock n roll band which developed over the years supporting and playing many great shows. Electric guitar became prevalent in Matt’s life which meant many nights locked away in his room perusing over different sounds/amps/pedals whilst his friends were out partying etc…

Matt also launched his own solo act going by his own name and playing acoustic material in and around Lancashire and recording a demo with local producer Paddy Dixon who reviewed his song as being, ‘ a good song’.

Matt has also attended Manchester University, striking up many contacts and playing open Mic gigs and Student Union shows, as well as busking the city centre- and sometimes on rainy days! Doing Business Studies, he chose his dissertation project on the changing face of the music industry since digital distribution, which he found interesting and enlightening in the sense of a need for collaboration between artists and labels these days.

In about 2006 he met a cousin of his, namely Master C- Chris Dewhurst. He was pleased to meet a member of his family who also had a keen interest in music and discovered Master C was quite a legend on the dance scene working as an M.C.

Recently Matt and Master C formed a band in the name of his late brother Ryan Frayne. Their aim was to collaborate and record an album and hit the music scene with some tidy northern attitude and show the country what they were made of.

Matt and the band have progressed in more ways than one; playing many gigs throughout the North West, such as Blackburn, Bolton, Preston and Manchester. The most recent was as a support act for ‘The Farm’.

Alongside this, they competed in the ‘Open Mic UK 2012’ getting through to the Regional Finals

In a nutshell, Matt can be described as a down to earth working class guy, with a northern soul wanting to make something through his sole passion – Music! …..

chris row

Status : Bass Guitar

Chris Rowley


Born in Liverpool but raised in Accrington (Boring little mill town with nowt much happening).

Chris discover guitar at around 14 or 15 with nirvana hitting the scene. Never mind. . !!

His influences include Led Zeppelin, The Smiths, The Beatles, but anything goes !!

Skip 15 yrs or so and bass was thrust upon him by his brother who insisted that he learned to play so they could start a band, which he reluctantly did named ‘The Blurts’, they did a couple of festivals but nothing serious, but this is where he homed his skills.

The Website Join my band led him to find a five piece band who covered a range of punk, rock and indie, this was right up his street so he went along and got on board.

However recently browsing the ads on jmb ‘as you do’  he seen the ad for R.Y.A.N.

So here we are … inevitably!

Matt Green

Status : Drummer

Matt Green


Matt Green, the drummer that should never of been.

His passion for drumming began with his school band at age 14. However  just before his 16th birthday his dreams of drumming were almost shattered abruptly after a major accident rendered his left limbs useless.

After a long and slow battle he made a full recovery, he can now boast of many years experience, both live and in various recording studios across the UK.

Personal highlights include playing the Cavern, The Barfly, The Roadhouse and Band on the wall. He even once supported an ex Marrillion member at the Citadel in St Helens whilst also supporting one of his favourite bands at the same time in Birmingham.

Matt is very passionate about drumming and hopes you get the chance to watch him perform with R.Y.A.N





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